The Hateful Eight


If you love Tarantino movies (which I do), you will want to watch this one. While it is far from my favorite (or his best), it’s a solid and entertaining film that I would argue certainly has a place in your next available movie night.

Samuel L. Jackson is in it. Period. *

The Hateful Eight is everything that defines a Tarantino film; it is gruesome, has a deceivingly simple story line, and an interesting, albeit random, historical context. It is Quintessential Quentin. * *

This particular Tarantino is a Western throughout which we follow two bounty hunters on their journey to cash in on their bounty. Throughout the film, we the audience, are forced to pick sides; we are pushed and pulled into numerous directions by the narrow perspectives of each character, and every new piece of information reveals that we know even less than we could have fathomed a moment before. It will keep you on your toes, which is important for Tarantino fans like myself, who love his stories, his artfulness, and his incredible sense of humor, but hate, hate, hate, the gore. ***

Since the Tarantino spectrum is vast, I will lay out my cards here:

I find movies like Kill Bill lacking in plot and overcompensating in gore. **** Meanwhile, Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained are my favorites. They are incredibly original, artful, funny, intelligent… pretty much everything I could want from a movie. Then there’s Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, which are original and genius as well, but simply less my style.

I will say, no matter where you fall on the Tarantino spectrum, I think you will enjoy The Hateful Eight, but I would be surprised if it became a favorite. Therefore, we will put this one on the Worth Watching list.

* I should not need to explain the certitude with which this betters any movie.

** Perhaps do not watch it with your young child or ultra-conservative father…

*** It’s just not my thing.

**** I realize that many Tarantino fans are offended by the notion that someone would not like the Kill Bill movies and moreover, that the motive offered in the story and the thirst for revenge is a great plot. I disagree: it’s a great motive. I still need more in terms of plot!



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