The Count of Monte Cristo

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It completely escapes me how underplayed and underrated The Count of Monte Cristo is. It is based off of the incredibly celebrated adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas and is in fact one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. One reason is that no shortcuts were taken in the filming of this movie. Much like the opening scene of The Sound of Music, which continues to take our breath away over 50 years later, the setting is magnificent because it is real. Those mountains in the back are real. That ocean and its crashing waves are real. Visually, this movie is stunning. Meanwhile, the chemistry, while it might not stack up to Gone With The Wind or Casablanca, is spot on, convincing, and used deliberately and intelligently between all the relationships in the story.

The story itself, is an undeniable classic, although not having read Dumas’ novel, I can only speak to the film itself, rather than the justice it may or may not serve Dumas. The film is romantic, packed with adventure, revenge, intellectual prowess, and even some swashbuckling. It is one of those movies that every member of your family can thoroughly enjoy because it offers so much in terms of genre, emotion, visual interest and plot. I defy you to watch this movie with someone who genuinely does not enjoy it.*

I saw The Count of Monte Cristo in the theatre with my entire family, and my family is not the movie-going type. Miracle 1: Nobody fell asleep.** Miracle 2: Nobody was disappointed.***

This movie is a true cinematic adventure and a Must See one at that!

* I truly don’t believe this person exists.

** I’ve seen my dad fall asleep in the theatre during two James Bond movies, which he claims to love.

***Like I said, non movie-goers. My family is a tough crowd when it comes to movies – especially if they took the time and money to go to the theatre.


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