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If you are in the mood to be “entertained,” don’t watch Moonlight tonight; but please be sure to watch it. Watch this movie when you want the think, feel, and expand. What moonlight lacks in action, it more than makes up for in poignancy.

Moonlight is all about feeling. Barry Jenkins zooms into Chiron’s life and invites the audience to watch Chiron walking a mile in his shoes. We can only watch because we know that his shoes are not ones that we can simply slide into and relate. The more we learn about Chiron, the more apparent becomes the distance between us and our protagonist. Barry Jenkins magnifies this distance with stark contrasts throughout the film. The cinematography is very jarring and deliberate, he juxtaposes dull moments with harsh visuals, he pairs classical music against a rough Miami background, and brings every difficult moment into the forefront as to challenge his audience to ignore it.

Good luck with that.

This movie is a brutal to arms for all those forgotten when we term “the others.” There are so many groups without a voice that cannot be quantified. Therefore, to presume that we can understand their struggles when we speak of minority groups is a disturbing joke.

Moonlight is one of the more powerful and moving stories of our generation and you should get in there and feel it; whatever that means to you. It is a movie that you need to experience because it is revealing and important.



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