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I am always up for movies based on true stories, especially ones involving political activism, and I am rarely disappointed. Milk was no exception. While the story itself is moving and important, the movie is great independent of the true story that inspired it. The script is well crafted and the acting is phenomenal -as is always the case with Sean Penn.

Milk will make you believe that there is good in everybody, and then it will make you doubt that anybody is truly good. It is not a story of one gay man’s plight, but rather the plight of the entire homosexual community. Ultimately, this movie raises questions about humanity and where we stand on “the others” and those who lack the ability to accept them.

The most powerful aspect of this film (one we do not see enough of) is how it illustrates the gay community as just that – a community- rather than as a minority. In this sense, it also reveals that one does not have to be homosexual to be involved in the gay community, to be a voice with theirs, and to become part of the movement that pushes society forward.



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