Wonder Woman


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There was a great deal of pressure for this movie to be good and I’d say it withstood the test. While I do have a soft spot for superhero movies, this one stood out from the rest. I’ll admit that most of the reasons it stood out are obvious and predictable, but that’s true of most superhero movies and we should embrace women breaking into this genre with a blockbuster such as this. Although Wonder Woman doesn’t need to be seen as feminist propaganda, it is an important step for women to break into these roles and for them to become normalized to the point where they are no longer seen as “feminist.” * Even though Diana is not the first warrior princess (Xena fondly comes to mind), she is the first to star in a blockbuster that will reach people all over.

At one point, I was ready to buy a poster of Diana and put it up in my house as inspiration to be awesome. I am not an avid follower of comic books, therefore I cannot speak to the accuracy of her character, but Patty Jenkins nailed it in terms of a super-heroine who does not pale in comparison to her male counterparts (and I am not taking about the humans surrounding her in the film – I am taking about Superman, Spiderman, and Batman). She is well trained, resourceful, educated, and sexy. I, for one, am excited to see little Wonder Women running around at Halloween with all the other princesses.

The story throughout is interesting and entertaining enough to carry the movie, but don’t go in expecting a Christopher Nolan status film. ** Visually, the movie is well done with a few caveats; many of the fighting sequences used visual effects that looked pretty good for now but will likely look dated in a few years (a lot of lightening, sparks, Wonder Woman’s glowing Lasso of Truth to name a few). Some of these features could have been done more carefully (albeit more expensively), which in the long-term would have made the film feel more classical.

I appreciate Wonder Woman for what it is, a superhero movie that is on par and enjoyable. As a whole, it’s a film worth watching and worth discussing.

* That is when equality becomes apparent -when it is no longer starkly obvious.

**Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (etc.)***

***Aka: the best superhero stories ever.


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