The Imitation Game

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Instead of prolonging to the end, I will begin with the reveal: The Imitation Game unequivocally made the Must Watch list. Although I happen to be biased toward true stories – and let’s face it – war movies, it wasn’t my unending love for this genre that carried the weight in my decision. Every aspect of this film was well thought out; it was cast brilliantly, it was visually beautiful and interesting, and it told a powerful story rooted in history yet remained relevant throughout.

The story centers on a recently declassified file from the Second World War that involved the invention of a technology that could potentially break the Nazi communication code called Enigma. This machine would eventually evolve into the world’s first ‘universal’ machine with the ability to think and decipher, in other words, the world’s first computer. I for one am fascinated that such a story was classified for 50 years following the war. Yet beyond this very juicy tale, there is the running storyline involving our protagonist Alan Turning, who despite being a great prodigy and the greatest mathematician of his generation, cannot escape the limitations of his peculiar personality and socially unaccepted differences.

There are so many aspects of this story and not one was disappointing. This is a film that will make you think, sob, laugh, and cheer. Every piece of the story adds to the whole in a powerful and cohesive way. The reason that this movie so markedly makes the must watch list is because it achieves greatness in every category. I would venture to say that there are not many people who would claim that The Imitation Game is not a great film.


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