My Cousin Vinny

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Of all the movies you could read about on Quills and Reels, there is not one that I am more qualified to discuss than My Cousin Vinny. Without need of exaggeration, I will tell you that I have (very literally) seen this film over forty times. I could likely recite it from start to finish- though I’ve yet to try. I grew up watching this movie; admittedly, I am not sure how, since normally an F-word on TV would send my conservative-Italian father into a furious rage. * My Cousin Vinny was the standing exception. Why? I suppose some movies are so outrageously funny, that you just stop caring that your child might pick up some vulgarities from it.

I have shown this movie to just about every person that I’ve met, many of whom were brought to watch it by force (they thanked me afterwards), and what I learned is that pretty much any person with a pulse will love My Cousin Vinny. Having seen it a couple dozen times, I can pinpoint that what makes it so overwhelmingly lovable is all in the details. The shell of this movie is already hilarious, interesting, and original; there are numerous scenes that are immediately memorable and quotable. Then, as you continue to see the film over and over again, new and incredible moments will continue to surface. It may be the way Marisa Tomei pops her hip as she gives her oath, or a Joe Pesci eye-roll where you didn’t notice it before. Whatever it is, you will come to pick up and appreciate every single detail.

Even after twenty years of watching this movie, it makes my cheeks and sides hurt from laughing. It’s just that funny. It is also witty, well thought out, and unpredictable. My best advice is: watch this movie and see for yourself. Then, make every person you’ve ever met watch this movie so you can reference it for the rest of your life.

The sooner, the better.

* He once broke a VHS over his knee when he came into the house as my sisters and I were watching Enemy of the State


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