Fellow movie and literature buffs: welcome to Quills and reels. This running diary that I’ve begun has stemmed from a very simple history that involves my not-so-athletic family and an insatiable thirst for stories.

In my house (or I should say “houses” as there is very little separation or privacy between Italian households), family time almost exclusively meant eating together. We would spend between six and eight hours at the table sharing a five-course meal and yap away. The undisrupted cycle of sitting, eating, and talking would take place every Sunday of my childhood. The only hope my sisters and I had of disrupting this table-routine was to persuade the family to watch a movie. Even when it worked, it generally did not go very well. The family would immediately get distracted and start talking about the actors or where the movie was filmed,

“Oh my god, is that Antonio Banderas. Isn’t he married to… who is that? Kathy Griffin! No wait, that’s the comedian. The one from Working Girl. What is her name? Melanie Griffith.”

I should not need to tell you, this is no way to enjoy a movie.

Regardless of this abomination of the cinematic experience, I loved every single minute of it. My oldest sister was the only other member of the family that took to movies like I did; we often found ourselves challenging each other and quoting obscure monologues to test the other’s recognition of it. By the time I was five I could recite My Cousin Vinny from beginning to end (foul language and all).

Eventually, I found myself more interested in where the movies came from than the movies themselves. As a little girl, nothing thrilled me more than the fact that all my favorite Disney princesses were based off of fairy tales that had survived multiple centuries. Before I finished elementary school I was utterly consumed by the Brothers Grimm and Greek Mythology. Luckily, I always had my sister to discuss these obsessions with, a sister who could out-read me any day (Not kidding, this child would eat books for breakfast – a skill that I apparently did not inherit). *

Aside from my sister, I noticed that there were not many people that wanted to or were even capable of discussing books or movies in any interesting capacity. ** That is when I turned to the Internet for recommendations. At this point, it’s only fair that I begin to contribute to this great animal that keeps our nostalgia alive!

* As fair warning to any bookworms out there reading this, I will admit that I am not one who eats books for breakfast. My degree is in English and I would argue that literature may be the single greatest achievement of mankind, but unless I have a deadline, I tend to take my time with books. With that being said, this blog will be movie heavy.

** I once ended a date with a guy because he didn’t know that Gone With The Wind was filmed in color.







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